Resources to Cope with Anxiety:

Self-Help Anxiety App


Self-Help for anxiety management is a mobile app that helps you track your levels of anxiety, journal your feelings, and gives you access to resources to combat anxiety or a personalized helpline to call. It is available through iOS and Android devices.

"Broken" by BrokenAngel, 2016

"Cycle of SI" by RooRoo 2013

Fort Refuge

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Many of us struggle with anxiety in different forms. Fort Refuge is an online forum that allows survivors of trauma, abuse, sexual assault, addiction, PTSD, etc. to share their stories anonymously. Individuals can express their struggles through chats, art, groups. Resources like related novels, documentaries, blurbs of advice are provided for users. This resource is ages 16+. 


99 Coping Skills

99 Coping skills is a PDF that contains a variety of coping techniques to use when your go-to coping skills aren't working anymore.