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Hi! I'm Pup, and I'm here to help.

Student-led organization with a focus on providing mental health resources to college students creatively through Instagram.

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Disclaimer: We are not licensed or trained professionals. All of the information we share and create is collected from existing resources, academic papers, and resources provided by professionals.

Pup's Story

Pup is a non-binary husky pup who is here to share their stories with college students and bring awareness to the types of struggles we all face.

Mental Health

Pup Support strives to normalize and bring awareness to the mental health issues college students face as well as support students as they go through their journey and struggles as a college student. 

Education & Resources

In addition to our social media presence, we provide a variety of resources and opportunities to further their education on mental health.


Pup Support utilizes art and social media in order to creatively advocate for and share student experiences.

College Living

In order to best serve our community, we are focused on sharing the experiences of life as a college student and provide additional resources that may benefit students specifically.



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Our Community

Here from Pup's friends!

Ashley Cabatic

“Pup always brings brightness to my Instagram feed and reminds me to take care of myself and value my well-being."

Pup Support Instagram Follower

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